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Sandy Radford

Assistant Trainer

Sandy and her GSD, Thunder, started taking classes with POMC and quickly fell in love with it. Initially only starting with the Canine 101 class, She started taking the Nosework class, and that's when they both truly shined. With a background in vet assistant/tech, Sandy believes having a healthy, sound pet is important to any pet owner. She is very eager and excited to help people learn and have fun with their dogs.

Rebecca Carr

Head Trainer

Rebecca is a professional dog trainer and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator with a dedication to developing relationships through clear communication, environmental stability and play. She is also a licensed elementary educator with several years experience teaching children foundational skills. Rebecca believes that every dog and partnership is unique, which requires individualized expectations, goals and strategies to ensure the success of the dog and people.

John "Sniff-Daddy" Rumson

Nosework Instructor

John has grown up surrounded by GSDs (German Shepherd Dogs). He attended his very first Nosework class offered in N.H. in 2010 with his 1 year old GSD, Fiona. Subsequently, he trained with folks in Hillsborough NH and joined the K9 SAR group, Canine Alert Search Team. After sharing what he knew with his fellow German Shepherd owners, his dog's excelling interest combined with his knowledge of Nosework had John become a Nosework Judge for both UKC and Performance Scent Dogs. Once John got Urso, (pictured on the left) obedience  was a new challenge to face and to give Urso a job.

Sam McAllister


Sam has brought joy and energy to us here at POMC. She, along with her 9 week old German Shepard Riley, came with many struggles. Through and through as they both grew, they achieved their set goals, but reached for even more. "The lessons provided held realistic expectations to my inexperienced pup, as well as myself as an inexperienced trainer. The training I received from Rebecca at POMC empowered both my dog and I, and together we were conquering many challenges!" Sam hopes to use that same empowerment to teach others what she has learned, and along the way, learn  even more herself.

Peri Ayan


Peri is a 15 year old Sophomore in High School. She has been working with POMC for little over a year now, and never hesitates to improve her skills. Dog training also opened up her interest in photography. She came to Rebecca with her recently adopted rescue, at the time, Pyrenees mix, Appa. Through Rebecca's guidance, she soon realized that training and working with other dogs interested her, and soon began her full-time internship during the summer. With the many hats she wears, you'll probably see her running around the facility training dogs or just helping out with any needs necessary.

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