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Nosework with John Rumson

"Search for the Birch"


POMC Nose Work Program

POMC is proud to offer what we feel is one of the top NW Training programs in New England. Nose Work is a new, fun dog sport based on your dog’s ability to hunt by detecting scent. Based on the same principles used for canine scent detection training in Law enforcement and the military, Canine Nose work is a Team Sport or fun activity for any dog and owner. It helps enhance your relationship with your pupper, build focus and team work. At POMC we offer NW classes for dogs of all abilities.



Intro to Nose Work- This class is for teams that have never played Nose Work before. We start building a solid foundation of the basics of “The Hunt” and the “Reward”. We switch on and develop your dogs ancient instinct to hunt by having them search, first for high value food rewards, then transitioning to seeking the “Target Odors” as their goal.

Novice Nose Work- The next series for folks that have completed our “Intro” class or have some previous NW training, but still a beginner level. More complex searches, scent theory and an introduction to different NW search elements/scenarios are all covered.

Continuing Nose Work- For dogs that have completed our Novice class and dogs that are no longer just “beginners”. Designed for dogs that are about to start competing or already competing at the lower experience levels. Exterior searches, more complex search scenarios and more advanced theory are included.


Advanced/Approaching Excellent- As the class name implies, this class is for dogs competing at higher levels. Offsite locations such as schools, playgrounds and dog friendly facilities are the trademark of this class.

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