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Lesson & Class Programs


Six 45 min Lessons - $400
Puppy Foundations - $300


Our cornerstone program explores the essentials of good “dogmanship” - the dog learning process, body language, etiquette, structure and management, communicating with markers, leash handling, rewards and rate of reinforcement. Dogs will learn the basics of sit, down, place, touch, a bed stay and recall. The program is designed to help humans think like dogs and to read their own in order to develop relationships built upon clarity, consistency and trust.

Canine 101 Companion Canine

Six 45 min Classes $350AKC Canine Good Citizen Test Incl.

Companion Canines are dogs that are able to demonstrate basic obedience tasks in ways that contribute to a solid set of at-home life skills. We work on adding duration, distance and distraction to positions, greeting and grooming manners, build confidence with common environmental stressors and develop calmness in dismissal. Graduation of the program is passing an AKC CGC test. 

C102 Community Canine

Six 45 min Classes $350
AKC Community Canine Test Incl.

This program levels up Companion Canines to develop dogs that are confident, engaged and dedicated to task while out and about. The first two lessons are at our facility and the remaining 4 are taught in stores such as Lowe’s, Agway, Tractor Supply, etc. Graduation of the program is passing an AKC CGCA test.

*AKC Canine Good Citizenship is required.

Off-Leash Canine

8 Classes- $500 (includes remote collar)

Off-leash canines are dogs you can trust to stay engaged and stick by your side regardless of distraction and environmental pressure. We’ll begin the program with skill building and clarity with the remote collar at our facility, then move outside and to dog-friendly establishments in the community to proof obedience and strengthen relationship to ensure consistent response. 

Problem Solving and Proofing

Three 45 min Lessons $270
Six 45 min Lessons $500

We focus on improving or challenging a set of behaviors, i.e. greeting manners, leash reactivity, recall reliability, confidence with an environmental stressor

AKC Community Canine

AKC Community Canine

Focused Heeling 1 & 2

Six 45min. Classes - $240

This program focuses on the fundaments - finding heel position, sustained focus, forward and backward movement, pivots/turns, front and rear body awareness and recalls to heel - while building and maintaining drive for the behavior and choosing the appropriate reward placement and delivery. This class is ideal for confidence building, dispelling reactivity, tightening up established behaviors and for those with competitive sport goals

Stay tuned for more classes.

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