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Puppy Foundations

6 Classes - $200

This six-class program is intended for dogs from 8 weeks to 5 months and takes place in-home and in-school. We’ll establish a foundation in active engagement and environmental stability through the use of markers and rewards, while integrating basic life and obedience skills such as kennel up, doorway and leash manners, sit, down, place and come when called.

Canine 101

8 Classes - $300

This foundational program explores the essentials of good “dogmanship” – the dog learning process, body language, etiquette, structure and management, communicating with markers, leash handling, rewards and rate of reinforcement. Dogs will learn the basics of sit, down, place and come when called. The program is designed to help humans think like dogs and to read their own in order to develop relationships built upon clarity, consistency and trust.

C102 / CGC Prep

8 Classes - $275

Companion canines are dogs that have a solid set of life skills that they understand how to use across contexts and in a variety of environments. We begin by building duration into basic obedience behaviors and practice them in realistic scenarios to develop the habits that are inherent in the sort of dog you love to live with. We focus on loose leash walking with distractions, greeting manners, mealtime manners, build confidence with examinations, a muzzle and restraint for vet and grooming visits and the ability to settle amidst excitement. 

Completion of the Canine 101 program is required.

Off-Leash Canine

8 Classes - $250

Off-leash canines are dogs you can trust to stay engaged and stick by your side regardless of distraction and environmental pressure. We’ll begin the program with skill building and clarity with the remote collar at our facility, then move outside and to dog-friendly establishments in the community to proof obedience and strengthen relationship to ensure consistent response. 

AKC Canine Good Citizen

6 Classes - $200

In this 6 class program, (includes a mock test and final testing class) your dogs are already developing many of the tested skills in our facility, your home and about town. Have some fun titling your pup as a Canine Good Citizen in recognition of their terrific manners. Also, if you're thinking of taking the Therapy Dog test or wondering if your dog is a Therapy Dog candidate, the CGC program more then prepares you for the Therapy Dog test. If you're familiar with the program and believe your pup has got what it takes, tests may also be scheduled without taking the class! Each test is $30 and must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance.

AKC Community Canine

6/7 Classes - $200

AKC Community Canine is the advanced level of the AKC's Canine Good Citizen ("CGC") program. Dogs who pass the Community Canine test earn the CGCA title. Whereas CGC tests are most often tested as simulated situations, the CGCA test is done in real situations including at classes, stores and community events.  AKC Canine Good Citizen is a prerequisite.

AKC Community Canine

AKC Community Canine

Focused Heeling 1 & 2

6 Classes - $180

This program focuses on the fundaments - finding heel position, sustained focus, forward and backward movement, pivots/turns, front and rear body awareness and recalls to heel - while building and maintaining drive for the behavior and choosing the appropriate reward placement and delivery. This class is ideal for confidence building, dispelling reactivity, tightening up established behaviors and for those with competitive sport goals

Stay tuned for more classes.

Class Criteria

Attendance - Our class sizes are small and scheduled well in advance. Your are greatly missed when you can't attend! If you force that you will not be able to attend a scheduled class, please give us 24 hours notice when possible. We will do our best to schedule a makeup for one missed class before the next scheduled meeting.

Dress code:

Dog - Although dogs in and around our property are well managed and secure, we require that your dog wears a flat collar (in addition to a training collar if appropriate) and is on-leash at all times. Flexi leashes and chain leashes are not acceptable. Flea collars must be removed prior to visiting, and please avoid applying topical flea ad tick treatments within 24 hours of your scheduled visit. If we are meeting in your home, your dog must be leashed and under your control when I arrive.

You - Dress comfortably and weather appropriate. High heeled and open toed shoes can be problematic, and we will take advantage of outdoor training opportunities whenever possible and reasonable. A bait bag or treat pouch that can be worn is highly recommended, and treats that honor a canine "living wage" are required.

Health - Please ensure that your dog is healthy before visiting. If there have been any sudden changes in behavior or he/she is showing signs of illness such as diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, excessive itching or chewing, lethargy or soreness, consult with your vet before bringing them to us. Proof of rabies, bordetella and distemper vaccinations is required. Female dogs in heat must also be kept at home until signs of discharge have ceased.

Pottying - Please curb your dog in the designated potty area before coming in for a lesson or class.

A 50% deposit is due to secure a class spot and the remainder is due at the first class.

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